We talk NFL Protests, Celeb Gossip and Movie/TV reviews

September 30, 2017

We talk and inform you on the protests and how the message has been lost about why the protests started in the first plase...

Celeb gossip and stupid news...

National Astronomy day and other holiday's

Ellen shares the freebies for the week/month


We recap a beautiful wedding, NFL Protests, Freebies, news and TV/Movie Reviews

September 25, 2017

We are back from a beautiful wedding but it was hooooootttt.  Paul and I can't hang and clearly are old...

We discuss our views on the NFL Anthem Protests...

Ellen has tons of free giveaways this week...

Celeb gossib, stupid and regular news

Our Rotten Tomatoes segment...


The Emmy’s, Iphone X, Celeb Gossip and TV/Movie Reviews

September 17, 2017

We recap the Emmy nominations... Talk about the Ren Fest where Ellen broke her toe..


All things Apple and Lori is a fan girl of all things Apple...

Celeb gossip and news




WE ARE BACK! Vacation and summer recap, Celeb News and Rotten Tomatoes Reviews

September 10, 2017

We are now BACK from our three-four week break and welcoming Fall.

We will fill you in on our vacations as well as the news and events that we missed while we were away.

We review IT the movie along with many other shows and movies.




Salem Recap, Celeb news, Stupid news, freebies and Movie and TV reviews

August 12, 2017

We are back from Salem Mass and giving you all the details and fun things to do..


We review all of the celeb news and gossip

Ellen gives you some freebies for back to school

We review the TV and movies that are out in the theater, on demand and streaming.

We are off the rest of the summer and will return with new podcasts Sept 9th.




Catching up on pop culture, Celeb Gossip, Stupid News and Rotten Tomatoes

August 3, 2017

We catch up on Pop Culture, Celeb Gossip and Moview Reviews.


Liked Atomic Blonde though its slow in the beginning...


We are off this upcoming week but back week after :-)


Williamsburg VA vacation and review, Celeb News and gossip, Stupid News, Rotten Tomatoes TV and Movie Review

July 27, 2017

Ellen's back from vacation and reviews Williamsburg VA

I forgot to post this on Sunday Doh!

Latest in celeb gossip and stupid news...

Rotten Tomatoes movie and tv reviews :-)




Types of chocolate and your Personality, Celeb gossip, Stupid idiot news and Rotten Tomatoes

July 8, 2017

We celebrate International Chocolate Day.. What chocolate do you laike?  It reveals who you are...


The stupid news edition...

Rotten Tomatoes reviews!


Work out complaints, Celeb Gossip, Stupid News and Rotten Tomato reviews

July 2, 2017

Today I complain about doing and cardio and how I need a magic pill...

Our weekly Celeb gossip round up...

I talk the premiere of Power on STARZ

Stupid news and Rotten tomato reviews...


Thanks for listenting...!


Vacation Recap in Myrtle Beach, Celeb News, TV/Movie Reviews

June 25, 2017

We recap the fun and funny times in Myrtle Beach....

Whats going on in the celeb world

TV/Movie Reviews