Williamsburg VA vacation and review, Celeb News and gossip, Stupid News, Rotten Tomatoes TV and Movie Review

July 27, 2017

Ellen's back from vacation and reviews Williamsburg VA

I forgot to post this on Sunday Doh!

Latest in celeb gossip and stupid news...

Rotten Tomatoes movie and tv reviews :-)




Types of chocolate and your Personality, Celeb gossip, Stupid idiot news and Rotten Tomatoes

July 8, 2017

We celebrate International Chocolate Day.. What chocolate do you laike?  It reveals who you are...


The stupid news edition...

Rotten Tomatoes reviews!


Work out complaints, Celeb Gossip, Stupid News and Rotten Tomato reviews

July 2, 2017

Today I complain about doing and cardio and how I need a magic pill...

Our weekly Celeb gossip round up...

I talk the premiere of Power on STARZ

Stupid news and Rotten tomato reviews...


Thanks for listenting...!


Vacation Recap in Myrtle Beach, Celeb News, TV/Movie Reviews

June 25, 2017

We recap the fun and funny times in Myrtle Beach....

Whats going on in the celeb world

TV/Movie Reviews


Best TV Dads, Celeb Gossip, Stupid News, Handmaids tail and Rotten Tomatoes

June 16, 2017

We celebrate all the father's...

Best TV dads....

We talk about the latest of Celeb news

New Movies!!



Hulu Live, Pressure to be thin, Stupid and Celeb news…Rotten Tomatoes

June 10, 2017

Hulu Launches its Live option for a starting package of $39.99.. 

Pressure to be skinny double standards for men and women.

Orange is the new black is Back and other TV/Movie News...


Spray tans, Spelling Bee contests, Celeb and Stupid news, Wonder Woman and other TV/Movie Reviews

June 4, 2017

Are spray tans good?

Paul gives Ellen and I a spelling Bee test...

Kathy Griffin fallout

Stupid news SMH

Tv and movie reviiews....


Memorial Day Festivites, Remembering Manchester, Celeb and stupid News. Movie Reviews

May 28, 2017

Remembering all of the fallen soldiers on this Memorial Day....


Launching the wummer season at the beach....


Celeb gossip and stupid news of course...

Movie and TV reviews



Remembering Chris Cornell, Covering up to date Celeb news, Stupid News, The Handmaid’s Tale and other Reviews

May 20, 2017

RIP to Chris Cornnell...  Tons of celeb Gossip...


Stupid and Regular News...


We review Hulu's The Handmaids Tale and other TV and movie reviews


Celebrating Mother’s, Steve Harvey, Celeb and Stupid News, Cancelled TV shows

May 13, 2017

We celebrate mother's today, tomorrow and everyday...


Steve Harvey sends a scathing memo but explains why.....


What shows have been cancelled so far for 2017 fall season?  Is yours on the list?